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Types Of Carpets

More than just a decorative feature of your home, more than just a foot warmer, a carpet helps you make a statement without saying a word. It sets the mood for your home and for each individual room. This is why it is so important that you take your time when making a decision about what type of rug to buy. While you may find yourself fretting about what color to choose, take some time to decide on just what type of carpet you would like.

Decisions, Decisions
Not all carpets are built the same. Some factors you'll want to consider when choosing a carpet include how easy it is to clean, how stain resistant it is and how durbale it will be. Some of the more common carpets out there include:

1. Cut Pile Carpets Perhaps the most popular type of carpet out there, homeowners usually choose this type of carpet because it is durable, stain resistant and oh-so nice and plush under your feet.

2. Carpet Tile What differentiates this type of carpet from the others is the fact that it is put together in tiles. This means the installation is much easier. As well, if an area gets worn out or damaged, you only need to replace that tile rather than the whole carpet. Carpet tiles also make it much easier to access any pipes or wires under the floor.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Carpets Because it is more reistant to mildew and stains, indoor-outdoor carpets are a great choice if you're looking for something to put on a screened patio. However, if you're looking for something plush, this is not the way to go.

4. Level Loop Pile A common choice of carpet for most offices, a level loop pile carpet receives its name from the fact that all its fibers are cut to the same height. While it is not a very plush carpet, it is very durable and resistant to stains.

5. Multi-Level Loop Pile Because it has loops of varying heights, these types of carpets usually create some sort of pattern or distinct texture. These carpets are very durable and are ideal for family rooms and basements.

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