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When floors suffer their inevitable wear and tear problems, the nastiness can silently work its way from being purely cosmetic to being structurally damaging. Even if the damage appears to only affect the top layer of flooring, before you know it, that crack, gouge or warping has lead to moisture getting into the underlayers of your floor and then you've got some serious floor problems.

Why Does My Floor Creak & Squeak?
Every subfloor is supported by joists. When there is damage to the subfloor, it can begin to break away from the joists. How do you know if there is damage? If you floor squeaks or seems a bit "springy" in some areas, then your subfloor is starting to pull away from the joists. And if you notice your floor is uneven or sagging, then it's a good sign that moisture has invaded the joists and they are now rotting. This can be a big problem that requires a professional to repair.

Floors Prevention
Because it is easy to spot a problem with your floors (really, who can avoid being annoyed by the sound of a squeaky floor or step?), you can easily prevent severe damage from occuring. Fixing a minor problem will help avoid bigger (and more expensive) problems in the future.

Whether you have vinyl, ceramic tile or hardwood floors, you'll find all the adivce you need to make those minor repairs on your floors. And if you feel like doing a bit of extra work while you repair you floors, then consider insulating your floors. This will help to keep your feet and possibly your entire home warmer for less money.

Tip: If your repairs involve removing sections of your floor that you know were manufactured or put in before 1986, hold off doing any repairs, no matter how minor, before you know for sure that your floors are asbestos free. If you know or suspect that your floors have asbestos in them, contact a professional who is certified to deal with asbestos. Even light exposure to asbestos should be avoided as it can cause a rare but lethal form of lung cancer.

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