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Replace beat-up kitchen flooring before Christmas

If your existing kitchen floors are unsightly but sound, take heart. Having new vinyl floors installed creates the look of a serious kitchen remodeling--sparkling, updated. You can do it before your family and friends arrive for Christmas or Hanukkah.

This is a one or two-day job in most average-sized kitchens.

  1. Adhesive tab styles: Products from Allure and Konecto come in both wood and tile designs and different sized rectangles or squares. Each piece has a protruding adhesive-coated edge that faces up on one side and one end. The opposite side and end have an adhesive down-facing edge. Instead of sticking to the sub-floor, the flooring sticks to adjoining pieces and "floats" over existing flooring. A flooring installer will core and snap pieces to fit corners then roll all seams. The floor is splash and spill-resistant.
  2. Peel and stick styles: There are many designs from ceramic, to marble, cement, and wood parquet available. A tile primer will be necessary for optimum adhesion. Better quality peel and stick tiles such as Traffic Master's Ceramica can even be grouted. Get the thickest tiles you can afford, and the longest wear warranty.

Many vinyl floor tiles are in stock or available in a few days from large home improvement stores. Work with a contractor to achieve the most professional look, though if you are a determined DIYer you may be able to tackle the project yourself. New floors make a great holiday gift; start shopping today.