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Replacing Vinyl Tiles

If you have vinyl tiles, the best repair is to replace the damaged tile(s) completely.

To remove an affected tile:
1. Cover the surrounding good tiles with a thick paper (such as butcher paper or grocery bags) and tape into place.

2. Heat the tile(s) you intend to remove with a warm iron applied directly to the surface area, careful not to melt the vinyl or you’ll ruin your iron. Once the tile softens, score an X connecting opposite corners and pry the tile sections up and out with a putty knife.

3. Make sure the subfloor is free of any old adhesive. Scrape the area clean with a putty knife, careful not to gouge the underlayment. If adhesive remains, loosen the glue with mineral spirits and scrape again.

4. Once the area is dry, use a notched spreader or putty knife to apply a thin, even layer of adhesive to the subfloor. If any adhesive gets on the adjacent tiles, wipe it off immediately. Make sure your new tile is situated correctly to match the existing pattern and press into place. If needed, use a seam roller to smooth. Wipe off any oozing adhesive immediately, cover tile with wax paper and weight with books for 24 hours.

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