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New and very affordable spas makes spring 2007 the perfect time to schedule a hot tub installation. Interested consumers can visit, an online resource connecting homeowners with top contractors and home repair specialists, for information about a range of hydrotherapy products to fit any budget. helps spa-seekers find contractor listings and links, get free estimates, and read important background information on common repair, renovation and home improvement projects like adding a hot tub or spa.

(PRWeb) May 24, 2007 -- Hydrotherapy options are available to consumers who couldn't previously afford it, and the outdoor hot tub season has arrived for the budget-conscious as well as for luxury-seekers. Because installing a hot tub can be difficult, complex and time-consuming, can help busy homeowners link to area contractors, get free estimates and have the hot tub installation complete by the summer solstice ( is an online, interactive home repair resource for indoor and outdoor home improvement, repair and renovation projects.

In order to keep project costs in line, home owners who want to add a hot tub should interview contractors for help in mapping out their spa projects or hot tub additions, according to home improvement specialist Allison Beatty. " has a helpful hot tub directory where home owners can search for local contractors and get project planning advice," Beatty says.

Home spa and hot tub users reconnect with friends and family, reduce stress and may even sleep better, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Using a hot tub can relieve the pain of arthritis, miscellaneous aches and stiffness, and tension headaches, they can improve breathing by opening up nasal and bronchial passages. Hot tubs are also used by medical professionals to improve cardiovascular health, back pain and knee pain. offers information and links to help homeowners sort through the many available options regarding hot tub installation. Hot tubs come in a variety of sizes and can be indoors or outdoors, free-standing or in-ground, and made of wood, fiberglass or acrylic. There are saltwater hot tubs that soothe the skin and even soft, inflatable hot tubs. Additional homeowner considerations include climate, budget, maintenance ability, and whether to do the work themselves or contract with a hot tub installation professional ( is an online home repair resource that includes an interactive homeowner driven forum, contractor listings and home repair resources ranging from walls and floors to cabinets and plumbing. connects homeowners with top home repair specialists and contractors for specific home repair projects.

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