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How To Build A Jacuzzi

You might be disappointed to know that you cannot build your own Jacuzzi, not because you happen to be incapable, but because Jacuzzi is a kind of spa – one that is trademarked and already patented.

But you’re probably one of the thousands who think a Jacuzzi is different than a hot tub or spa. The truth is, a Jacuzzi is a brand name spa, and spas are different from hot tubs: Spas have jets to push air through water offering a massage in warm water, while a hot tub is mainly used for soaking.

So, now that you know what a Jacuzzi is, you’re probably wanting to know how to build a spa, not necessarily a Jacuzzi spa. Well, building your own spa will take some work. There are a slew of styles, colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, but the basics of the spa remains constant.

On the most basic level, water is filled into a vessel, the water is heated and pumps pump water through jets that shoot air through the water, creating a powerful stream of pressured water, which is used to massage aching muscles and joints.

First, you need a tub – it‘s possible to make one from tile, and if you think you’re Bob Villa minus the moustache, go ahead and see if you can tile a comfortable tub from scratch. After a flurry of curses you might manage to create a smooth surface for your tub, but next you’ll need to make a jet system - one strong enough to push 30 GPU’s of hot water. If by some miracle you find a way to do this, you’ll not only become CEO of Jacuzzi, but you’ll have yourself a quality pressure system for your misshaped tile-tub. Finally, grab your Speedo, and the latest Robin Hobbs novella and get cozy in your homemade spa.

This could be a long, arduous task and unless you happen to be the original Mr. Handyman, you’d probably want to go the less ambitious route. You know what I’m saying? You can find some tips and seek advice online, or talk to your local spa retailer for guidance. Good luck and have fun!