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Indoor And Outdoor Hot Tub And Spa Options

One of the biggest decisions to make when installing your hot tub is considering where to put it. Will it go outdoors or would prefer to have an indoor hot tub. They each their advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, outdoor hot tubs are great (for all seasons) because you have enough space around to relax in the sun or under the stars, but having an outdoor hot tub may mean you'll have to landscape the area around your spa so it doesn't look like a big bowl just sitting on some grass. In comparison, indoor hot tubs are terrific if you'd rather enjoy relaxing in privacy, but it could mean remodeling parts of your home to do so.

Your hot tub should be put in a place where you'll have enough room after installation to safely move around it. It also isn't a bad idea to put it in a place where little remodeling/landscaping is needed.

Outdoor Hot Tubs
Outdoor hot tubs are most popular among cottage country folk, and why not? There is usually enough space and you get to enjoy a relaxing time looking at the lake or sipping a malt liquor under the stars. Placing your spa outdoors has many perks. You have few worries about the spa's effect on the surrounding area and can even enjoy your swirling waters in cool weather, provided your climate is not too harsh and the spas heater is up to the challenge. Aside from its more romantic appeal, outdoor hot tubs require little electrical power as many outdoor hot tubs are fueled by wood burning or propane. This could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Indoor Hot Tubs
Indoor hot tubs are most popular among city-folk. Unlike a spa that is placed outdoors, one residing on the inside of your home affords year-round accessibility. It provides a private getaway from all the sights and sounds of the city. Integrating a spa into an existing home takes some thoughtful planning, though. Either choice of spa locations depends solely on the buyers.

If you plan to install an indoor hot tub, you should not use an ozone-based sanitizer. Recent medical studies suggest that ozone sanitizers could lead to lung and breathing problems when used indoors over time because ozone is a lung irritant. As a replacement, experts recommend natural sanitizers. Check with your retailer for the best indoor sanitizer products.