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Jacuzzi Pool Covers

When you're not relaxing in your spa, you'll want to cover it up. After all, you don't want to get the water dirty, clogging your filter with unneeded debris – especially if it is located outdoors.

About Jacuzzi Pool Covers
Jacuzzi pool covers also trap in heat. Most thermal hot tub covers are made from Superfoam, the same material used to insulate the Alaskan pipeline. Spa covers are also extremely durable and hold nearly 500 lbs of weight. Jacuzzi pool covers are very efficient, providing rain run-off for the exterior while keeping the interior heated.

Whatever the shape of your Jacuzzi, there is a spa cover that will fit yours. Most spa and hot tub covers are so secure, you won't have to worry about unsupervised children or adults opening your whirlpool cover. Look for a Jacuzzi pool over with double strong piping wrapped in marine grade vinyl, tear resistant padding and quality stitching for added durability and longevity.

Most Jacuzzi pool covers also feature a vapor proof barrier that completely vacuum seals foam against water absorption, and a 4.5 inch-thick tapered foam core to ensure heat stays trapped. Also check to see if your pool cover features a 20 gauge galvanized steel center support, a commercial grip nylon zipper, and a heat seal gasket hinge. The gasket hinge will help eliminate heat loss and protects from abrasion. For most hot tub and spa covers, these features are standard.

Safety Matters
For added safety, you spa cover is available with a lock fastener, which keeps children and intruders from tampering with your spa. For added cleanliness, a perimeter apron keeps heat in and dirt out, while the marine grade vinyl cover is treated with mildew and UV inhibitors.

Retractable Covers
If your looking for all the amenities of a spa cover without all the fumbling and lifting of a regular hot tub cover, retractable covers makes lifting your cover more manageable. Through a unique combination of balance and leverage, retracable covers makes removing the spa cover simple, even without the use of gas shocks or hydraulics. With retractable covers, removing the spa cover from outside or even inside the spa requires very little strength or effort. It is designed to not flex or torque when being operated from outside the spa. They are typically made of rust-free aluminum, the mounting brackets and arms are extremely durable. Retractable covers are so basic, any homeowner can install or disassemble it. Retractable covers provide a unique design that allows the spa cover to be easily removed and stored.

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