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Jacuzzi Pool Filters

As with every pool, Jacuzzi's and other spas need to trap contaminants, not only to keep your Jacuzzi looking clean, but also to ensure it is sanitary and safe.

Types of Jacuzzi Filters
There are three different kinds of Jacuzzi filters for your spa: Jacuzzi Sand Filters, Jacuzzi Element Filters, and Jacuzzi D.E. Filters.

Jacuzzi Sand Filters
Much like the name implies, these types of filters use sand to separate dirt and debris from your water. The filters themselves have sharp edges that help to break up the dirt particles. The dirt is then forced through the sand which catches the dirt and keeps it in place.

Jacuzzi Element Filters
This type of flitration system employs an element cartridge to trap the dirt particles. The larger dirt particles are depsoited onto surface of the element while the Jacuzzi water passes through. Although the smaller dirt particles make it past the first filtration, they become trapped by the element's pores deeper in the filter.

Jacuzzi D.E. Filter Systems
Jacuzzi D.E. filter systems are good at filtering out even the tiniest dirt particles, as small as one to three microns. The systems exceptional filtration ability isn't too surprising considering that the porous powder contained within the filter comes from diatoms. Diatoms are microscopic water plants (considered to be algae) whose cell walls are made up of silica. Using billions of diatoms, a natural screen is formed within the filter to help clean your Jacuzzi water.

Purpose of Jacuzzi Pool Filters
Jacuzzi pool filters are an important part of your spa and it needs to be maintained just like any other pool part. The upkeep and cleanliness of your Jacuzzi spa depends on you, the owner. After all, you don't want your family, friends and guests relaxing in an unsanitary spa. In addition, a worn-out, dirty filter will put a lot of unnecessary strain on the hot tub's heater and pump motor.

Jacuzzi Pool Filter Care Instructions
Jacuzzi pool filters should be washed and rinsed every month. A good indication your filter may not be functioning properly is a pressure increase within the cartridge's housing canister. Wash your Jacuzzi pool filter with a garden hose for the most effective cleaning. Spray between each pleat. Allow the spa filter to dry and then clean out any smaller debris with a brush (smaller particles are easier to dislodge when the filter is dry).

If there appears to be any kind of build-up on the filters (ie – algae, lotion) it is important to rinse this as soon as possible - try soaking the cartridge in a filter element cleaner for about an hour an then hosing it down before re-installation. You can get filter element cleaner at your local home hardware store.

Always remember to maintain your Jacuzzi pool filters: replace the filters yearly, never use a pressure washer to clean your spa filter, and do not use a household bleach to clean your hot tub filter.

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