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What began as an aid to help relieve the soreness of tense muscles and joints became a dynasty. In the 1950's, the Jacuzzi brothers designed the first water pump made specifically for arthritis sufferers in the family. A short time later, doctors and hospitals in the United States bought the invention as a hydrotherapy treatment. The patent went on to be marketed as a tub with jets, designed to treat sore or injured muscles and joints.

All About The Jacuzzi Pump
The original Jacuzzi pump was called the "J-300" – a small portable pump created to blast air through water, creating a consistent current that acted a massage device for people with muscle and joint injuries. Today, the creation of the J-300 has lead to the most successful spa company in the world.

Jacuzzi continues to be the master behind its pump designs. Not all Jacuzzi pumps are designed the same and likewise, not all Jacuzzi baths are designed the same – Jacuzzi prides itself on its variety of spas it has available to its customers.

The Jacuzzi pump is effective: Sitting in a jetted bath actually breaks down the lactic acid in sore muscles, as would an actual massage. Jacuzzi's pumps move more air and water through bigger jets for a better massage -- 30 gallons per minute (GPM) vs. a typical jet that moves 9-10 GPM. For flexibility, our jets are placed low in the tub so you can operate them with less water if you so desire.

Another major pinnacle of Jacuzzi quality and service is its protection system. Other pumps can fail quickly if they're accidentally turned on when there's no water in the tub. Jacuzzi tubs feature patented self-draining, dry run protected pumps to protect you from accidentally burning out the motor.

If you're looking for a quiet and relaxing spa experience, only Jacuzzi pumps can bring you the satisfaction you deserve. Jacuzzi tubs are built around the Jacuzzi pumps, not vice-versa, ensuring you get a product that is first and foremost effective at what it does.

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