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Jacuzzi is one of those brand names like Kleenex or Coke that is interchange with the broader product. For instance, if somebody said, "do you need a Kleenex?" Everybody would know what you meant even if you didn't have any Kleenex brand tissues.

Jacuzzi is a company, started by Mr. Roy Jacuzzi, not a product. There are many companies out there that mass produce whirlpool spas and hydrotherapy units. However, by making the best product, and keeping up and pushing industry standards Jacuzzi is one of the most prolific spa companies in the world.

The Jacuzzi spa is by far one of most relaxing products you could ever purchase. Jacuzzi spas use their patented jet system to deliver a soothing burst of bubbly warm water that massages your entire body and warms your soul.

Don't be fooled by imitators. Jacuzzi is the leading brand for a reason they keep on pushing the envelope of design and technology to deliver the most enjoyable spa experience possible.

Their many lines of products run the gamut of luxury and affordability. For instance Jacuzzi has just launched a high end Jacuzzi spa with a built in, waterproof flat screen TV.

Just imagine spending and hour or two relaxing, watching your favorite programming, while warm soothing bubbles relax your muscles and lull you into a state of bliss. This model is truly the acme of escapism.

Or'pretend you are some kind of movie star or hip-hop icon maxin and relaxin with a bottle of crystal and a couple of cigars. Or if booze and smoke aren't your thing. Imagine sitting in a Jacuzzi spa with a tub of ice cream, scented candles and your favorite romantic movie. How about Notting Hill?

Regardless of what you want to do in your spa make sure that it is a Jacuzzi spa. If they have been around for this long, and managed to make their name synonymous with jet-powered hydrotherapy they are obviously the best brand out there.

For a full listing of their mind-blowing product line, just check out their official website.

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