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Many people do not realize that Jacuzzi, like Kleenex and like Coke, is a brand name, not a product name. For instance, many companies sell tissue paper, but one the Kleenex Company sells Kleenex.

So, when many people come to the decision that they want a new hot tub they might automatically decide that they want a Jacuzzi. While Jacuzzi does make great whirlpools and hot tubs, they are not the only company that does so.

If you are looking for a ceramic hot tub or a tile hot tub, Jacuzzi does not manufacture these. It's not because they do not have the tools, or the wherewithal, it's simply that installing tile in a hot tub is a very long and particular process. A process that just is not up Jacuzzi's aisle.

Installing Tile in Your Jacuzzi
If you do want a tile Jacuzzi, your best bet is to find a private contractor, with the skills and the tools to do the job; or go out, buy your own tiles, buy your own tools and do the job yourself.

Enlist a Contractor
The first option is maybe a little more expensive, but generally you know that you Jacuzzi tile will be well installed and look great. Just make sure that you get a couple references from your contractor before you sign any forms. If he is a reputable installer he will be more than happy to give you the names of folks who are happy with his work.

Also make sure that, all of the specifics of the job are laid out in advance in writing. You don't want any hidden fees of nasty surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

Your other option for an opulent Jacuzzi tile d'cor is to do it yourself. Do so with extreme caution though. You are dealing with a lot of variables here. The tiles themselves can be unpredictable; the grout will have to stand up against extreme heat and water. Plus there is that nasty combination of electricity and water, which, if not fully respected, could lead to a real tragedy.

However, if you do create your own Jacuzzi tile, you will have the satisfaction of a job well done, and something to brag about when all your friends are sitting around stewing in the pool.

If you are an artist, tiling your own Jacuzzi is probably your best option. You'll have a vision of the texture, color and form of your Jacuzzi tile and it is unlikely that some contractor is going to know how to translate that onto the canvas that is your Jacuzzi.

Hammer For more information on Jacuzzi tile, trek over to the Hot Tubs forum and ask questions of other do-it-yourselfers.