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Jacuzzi Well Pump

The key to a great Jacuzzi is the pump. Without a good pump, your Jacuzzi is really nothing more than a bathtub with really, really hot water. In many ways, the Jacuzzi well pump can be described as the heart of your whirlpool tub. And what can survive without a heart? Nothing, that's what.

Function of the Jacuzzi Well Pump
The Jacuzzi pump is responsible for determining the speed and power with which your jets are able to blast soothing bubbles throughout the tub. The more expensive the pump, the more speed and coverage you will achieve.

Although they are not universal, Jacuzzi well pumps with adjustable speeds are by far the best products. They can be used to finely tune your Jacuzzi experience, depending on your mood and that of those around you.

Types of Jacuzzi Pumps
There are two types of motors in any Jacuzzi well pump.

The brush-style motor is the original engine. However, it can be noisy and may breakdown faster than the induction motor, which is longer lasting and far quieter (and more expensive). Often induction motors are available with multi-speed changing.

To enhance the performance of your Jacuzzi well pump, you can add-on other features that will also extend the life of your Jacuzzi well pump.

Dry Run Mechanism
This will keep your pump from burning out if the tub is not full of water.

Spin-Flee Mechanism
The spin flee mechanism will disengage the motor if anything too large gets caught in it. This is often important to prevent bathers with long hair from getting it ripped out in the motor.

Jacuzzi Pump Size
Jacuzzi pumps and motors usually range in power for 1 to 3 horsepower. You will need a different sized pump depending on what size pool you have, how many bathers you would expect to have in the tub, and how vigorous you need the jets to be.

Air Switch
You should also consider purchasing an air switch for your Jacuzzi. While Jacuzzi's are generally very safe, you should always be a little wary when combining electricity and water. The air switch ensures that you keep out of contact from the low-voltage current.

Different Types of Jets
Jacuzzi jets come in different powers as well. Here are three different ones that each have their own unique method of relaxing your battered body and soul.

Eyeball Jets
These jets allows you to tailor the flow direction and the amount of air to your particular preference. They have a high pressure but low volume flow.

Directional Jets
These jets are similar in function to the eyeball jets and can be used alongside them. However, directional jets are larger than eyeball jets.

Rotating Jets
Due to their angled, off-center positioning, these jets cause the water passing through them to have a pulsating effect that goes in all directions.

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