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History Behind The Nordic Hot Tub
If you have ever been to a Scandinavian country, you will quickly realize two things. The first is that Nordic folk love to relax. The second is that it I very cold in that part of the world.

It is this dichotomy that brings us the Nordic hot tub. It is a hot tub specially designed to provide a warm soothing place to relax outside in the middle of the freezing cold winter.

The tradition of the Nordic hot tub comes from a rich history. Back in the days of pre-electricity there was no real way to keep warm and still enjoy the out of doors. Scandinavians were rabid outdoorsman, because of the short growing season in that part of the world, there was very little farming.

This led to an economy of hunting and trading furs, much like the first settlers of Canada and North America. The constant travel in the cold weather really takes a toll on your spirit and your muscles.

Traveling Norsemen in search of furs to sell to the Byzantine Empire would often spend months on end in the perpetual cold. Fortunately they found a secret that would both heal their sore skin and their weary soul.

Hot water springs dot the Scandinavian geography. Many fur traders knew exactly where these springs were located and would plan their voyages to hit these small bubbling oases along the way.

Since many of the animals they trapped were nocturnal they would spend their days setting traps, then find one of these hot springs and spend the majority of the night relaxing in the Nordic hot tub.

The salt and minerals that came bubbling up from the earth inner core replenished many of the elements that their bodies had lost on their long trips.

After a relaxing night spent marinating in these waters they would wake up and have the energy to go and inspect the traps their had laid the day before. They would then collect the pelts of the animals and make the long trek home.

Truly great thing Nordic hot tubs were. Today, many of these natural Nordic hot tubs still exist. For those in North America we can enjoy this ancient pleasure with excellent recreations of these small pools of relaxation.