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The sixties have left us with so much stuff. First off, they gave us free love, a great thing (even though it wasn't really all that free). They gave us Woodstock and hippie culture. They gave us trips to the moon, and some of the best music that will ever blow your mind.

What many people fail to realize however is that while love ain't free anymore, Woodstock has been co-opted, the moon was a little dull, and those musicians turned into old gross bloated opportunists, there is one undying, enduring and endearing symbol of the sixties that has out lived everything. The Redwood hot tub.

You can still see these things wherever you go (especially on the west coast). They re perfectly circular vats that bobble and boil like a giant barrel. They look great and they blend in perfectly with a redwood deck.

However, few people know how these bastions of the sixties actually came to be. So here's the story.

Redwood Hot Tub History
As hippies flooded the coast of California looking for peace, love and whatever, they became experts at two things. 1. Not spending any money...cause they didn't have any, and, 2. Relaxing...hey what else are you going to do when you have no money?

This combination of factors led to the birth of the redwood hot tub.

Originally the tubs were just old redwood vats that hippies picked up from old derelict lumber yards and factories. After a little scrubbing, they were turned into hot tubs. In fact it became so popular that, once many of the free redwood vats were claimed, people would start scouring the country looking for more.

Eventually people gave up. This was all right though, the hippies had made the curious transition into disco yuppies and their disposable income was more than enough to go out and buy the necessary parts to make their own tubs.

To be honest, those old vats didn't work very well anyway. They would often leak and were probably full of toxins that weren't that great for you. Although really, a hippie that's not full of toxins is no hippie at all.

To this day you can still see redwood hot tubs littering the backyards of the California well to do.