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Round Hot Tubs

When you first imagine your perfect hot tub, you probably think of one of your friend's hot tubs, or maybe one of the first hot tubs you were ever in. Chances are, this hot tub was an acrylic molded model. That's cool, those are great hot tubs, but why not try something different?

Introducing The Round Wooden Hot Tub
Round wooden hot tubs are the true classic hot tub. These traditional models look and feel like a real natural soothing experience, not just a relaxed chill out in your bathtub (which is still a good way to spend your time).

History of the Round Hot Tub
The roots of the round hot tub go back to that magical place that was California in the 60's. Dirty hippies, with little money and a lot of free time on their hands, discovered that they could take old redwood vats and convert them into warm pools. Soon this design caught on and created the birth of the American hot tub.

Practical Purposes
Besides historical and aesthetic appeal, the round hot tub is actually more practical than plain acrylic tubs. Because of its depth you can actually fit more relaxed human bodies in a round hot tub.

For instance:

  • 4-ft Round 2 persons
  • 5-ft Round 4-6 people
  • 6-ft Round 6-8 people
  • 6-ft Oval 4 persons
  • 7-ft Oval 6-8 people

The natural qualities of the wood construction are also a great benefit of the round hot tub. While the water takes a little longer to get heated up, it stays hot for a longer time. And that feeling of leaning against soothing warm wood can't be beat.

On the design side, wooden round hot tubs also have a huge advantage. Because acrylic tubs are pre injection molded, they can't change shape. If you can't fit it in your house, tough luck buster.

A wooden round hot tub on the other hand, is assembled on site. Therefore you can build one in just about any room of your house. You can also make slight alterations to the design to fit under ledges and into corners.

Happy tubbing!