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Benefits of Salt Water
In many ways, the saltwater hot tub is the perfect hot tub. Salt water is so appealing for two major reasons. The first is the healing and soothing properties of the salt in the water. The other is the natural sanitizing ability of the salt. The salt water hot tub is truly the ideal. Let’s examine further to see why.

Adding sea salt to your hot tub is one of the best natural cures for many of life’s nasty ailments. The ocean itself is a living thing. Packed full of organisms (some visible some invisible); sea salt is necessary component of life in the sea.

Containing natural minerals, salt can make your skin feel better and it can lower swelling. You’ll probably also notice that the tingling and distinct smell will leave you wanting nothing else but to say put in your tub.

The other major benefit of having a salt water hot tub is the natural chlorination it provides. This system generates chlorine by passing an electrical current through the salt water in your saltwater hot tub. Salt (also known as sodium chloride) is half chlorine any way. This process separates the sodium from the chlorine. The sodium then goes on to heal your body, while the chlorine kills the bacteria in the tub. It’s like a self-cleaning healing machine!

Saltwater Con
The only major problem associated with turning your hot tub into a saltwater hot tub is that it will void any factory warranty that may have come with the unit. If you are running salt through your filter you have to be very conscientious when cleaning it out. You can retrofit your equipment to process salt water, but this is often an expensive procedure.

Just be sure to watch out for any corrosion. This will be your biggest enemy when trying to maintain your saltwater hot tub. Just think of your car after several winters. The salt from the road is like acid on the hull of a new car.

Also, if a retailer says that the salt water hot tub system is chemical free, beware, this is a myth. Salt is a chemical compound (you will not find it on the periodic table). When the electrodes separate the salt, it becomes two chemicals…hardly chemical free.

Create Your Own Hot Tub
Salt-water hot tubs are very easy to create. Often it only takes a bag of sea salt.