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Getting Back To Your Roots
Pretty much any hot tub you see these days is made out of acrylic. A good material to be sure, but where is the tradition? Sometimes there is just nothing like soaking your tired body in a wooden hot tub.

Wood transmits and holds heat far better than any other material. Sitting in a synthetic tub is just like being in a bathtub. It's nice, but you are slipping and sliding everywhere, and you can still feel the plastic-ness of it. Does that make sense?

However, the first American hot tubs were wooden and they only really went out of style because of the amount of craftsmanship that is required to make each individual wooden hot tub.

There are still many advantages to wooden hot tubs and they are worth exploring. Here is a brief list of some of the more important features.

Features of the Great Wooden Hot Tub
Wooden hot tubs are assembled on site. This means that they can be assembled anywhere in your home. Plus you have a little more flexibility in customizing your wooden hot tub design to suit your abode.

The vertical walls of the wooden hot tub allow for more depth. More depth means more soothing hot water flows over your body, and the more soothing the better the tub right? Plus there is more legroom. Therefore wooden tubs are a perfect excuse to invite over all of your pro-basketball playing friends and their Croatian supermodel girlfriends. Plus a deeper pool can fit more people. The more the merrier eh!

Let's also not forget the rustic look of a wooden tub. Nothing beats the look of an authentic wooden tub that harkens back to the good ole days of yesteryore.

Many folks carry the misconception that wooden hot tubs are less sanitary than polymer based tubs, and that wooden hot tubs are susceptible to rot and decay. This is a simple myth. With proper cleaning, acrylic and wooden tubs are just as sanitary. In fact some recent studies have suggested that acrylic tubs often accrue more bacteria because of the false sense of security their owners carry.

Tips on Buying A Wooden Hot Tub
When you start looking at a wooden hot tub, remember that for longevity and durability and energy conservation the thicker the wood the better. Aim for 1.25 inches. That should give you more than enough width for heat retention.