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About Cleaning

No Thank You!
It stands to reason that most people don’t like to clean because they see it as backbreaking toil that should be avoided at all costs. After all, we all work hard enough at our regular jobs, why should we have to come home and work harder than we did during the day?

But what if cleaning was made easy? What if you had a wealth of knowledge to save you time, money and valuable elbow grease? Wouldn’t cleaning then become an exercise in conquering your environment instead of just exercise?

Shiny and New
The following pages contain guides, tips and plans for everything from spring-cleaning to organic cleaning solutions. It also has insight into new technological developments that can synthetically manufacture premium elbow grease so you don’t have to.

For instance, have you heard of ultrasonic cleaning? It is a new breakthrough in cleaning technology that beams high frequency pulses of sound at dirt and grime, breaking them apart and obliterating them. If a man can go to the moon, it shouldn't be that hard to get egg off of a frying pan.

What Else
You will also find tips on:

  • Cleaning decks
  • Cleaning closets
  • Cleaning silver
  • Cleaning stainless steel
  • Cleaning copper
  • Cleaning brass
  • Cleaning hardwood floors
  • Cleaning gutters

But That's Not All
In many instances you can do all of these chores quickly, effectively and often using simple household items that are non-toxic and won't cause your allergies to flare up. We even have tips on how you can perform the miracle of all miracles: convincing your family to help with the cleaning. Sound impossible? Well, it is possible with the right motivation and an incentive package that benefits the entire clan.

So never fear cleaning again. Once you are armed with the following information YOU will be next to godliness!

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