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Cleaning out your closet can be extremely refreshing, literally and figuratively, However, the former is a little easier and has fewer repercussions.

Professional Tricks
The key to effective closet cleaning is organization. So, before you start, you might want to go out and purchase some extra shelving and a shoe rack. These items allow you to fit more into a small space without creating a giant mess.

Effective Cleaning
It is a good idea to put aside a few hours to clean out your closet. Start by emptying everything out and dividing it into three piles: things that are garbage, things that should go to charity and things you would like to keep. Many of us use our closets to store extra junk that we can't bear to part with. But an essential part of effective closet cleaning is to be rational and get rid of anything that is useless to you.

Divide and Conquer
Once you have eliminated the junk, you can start to organize. Many people sort their things either by type or color. For instance people who sort by type will stack together all of their pants on a shelf and all of their shirts will hang together in a particular section of the closet. Other people prefer to group colors that are alike together so all the yellow items will go together in one section and all the blue items will go together in another.

Separating your clothes according to season can also be a good idea. Designate a dresser or section of your closet for things that are out of season. You can store these things away until the weather changes and have things that you are currently wearing readily available.

It's Good for You
The benefits of a clean closet are twofold. First of all, you will be rewarded with easy access to all of your clothes so it will take you less time to get ready on those days that you sleep in. Secondly, you will have more room for extra items, which is a good reason to go shopping. So empty out those closets before you hit the stores!

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