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Cleaning Window Blinds

Get To The Problem Early
Dust and dirt on window blinds often goes unnoticed until the problem has gotten out of control. People don't usually think about cleaning their window blinds until a visible layer of filth appears, so removing this thick layer of dirt can often be a nuisance.


The first thing to take into consideration when cleaning window blinds is the amount of dirt that needs to be removed. If your blinds aren't very dirty you might be able to get away with a light dusting.

Methods of Dusting Window Blinds:

  • If you have a vacuum cleaner with a small brush attachment try using this for quick and easy dust removal. Run the vacuum brush along each blind slat until you have sucked away all of the dust.
  • If you have limited funds and cleaning supplies an easy method of dusting is to take some ripped up t-shirts or old socks and cover your both of your hands with them creating dust mitts. Get up on a step stool and run your dust mitts across each blind slat.
  • If you have a set of thin Venetian blinds that needs a quick cleaning, try running a soft paint brush across them to take the dust off.

Sometimes You Need To Soak
If blinds are extra dirty they will need more than just dusting. You can try wiping your hanging blind slats with a damp sponge of cloth, but this will likely just leave streaks and leftover grime. The best way to thoroughly clean window blinds is to take them down and soak them.

Washing Window Blinds:

  • Before you take down your blinds make sure slats are in the open position so that you can easily clean between them.
  • Line your bathtub with towels to prevent any scratching.
  • Fill the bathtub with enough water to cover blinds and add some dish soap or vinegar.
  • Allow blinds to soak for a few minutes then wipe the top and bottom of each slat with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Once you have finished washing, rinse the blinds with water, remove them from the bathtub and dry them on a towel.

Hang Blinds To Dry
After you have finished washing your window blinds you can still re-hang them while they are slightly damp, but do not open the window that they hang in front of until they are completely dry or else dirt may stick to the damp blinds.

Prevent Future Dust Build-Up
It is a good idea to wipe down the slats of your blinds with fabric softener sheets when you have finished cleaning and drying them. This will postpone dust build-up and leave your blinds smelling fresh.The key to cleaning window blinds is consistency. The more often you clean, the less time-consuming the task will be.

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