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Cleaning your home can be a really therapeutic experience if you go into it with the right attitude. Firstly, you have to achieve a Zen state of mind. You have to clear your mind of the daily stresses that could get in your way. If you do not clear you mind, you will end up being so full of hate by the time that you finish, the United Nations is going to have to sanction you.

Next, you have to assure yourself that you are cleaning your house for you and for no one else. It is you that wants a clean house and you are alone in the world. If you feel that you are cleaning the house for your family, you will resent them by the time you are done and they don't deserve that.

You also have to have a healthy dose of disrespect. If you are running around your house picking up other peoples belongings, don't try to figure out their importance. Just calmly throw them into a box and place them out of the way. When that person is ready to look at them, they can make their own decisions on where the items go.

Also, if you try to guess where other peoples belongings go, you are only going to create acrimony when they have to constantly pester you with their "Where'd you put this" and "I can't find that".

Walk the Line
It's also good to know where to draw the line. If you think that every single inch of the house is going to be clean when you are finished you are sadly mistaken. You have to know when it's just better to close a door than to venture into a disaster area and try to clean it.

This most often applies to your children's rooms and to that space between the laundry room and the basement rec-room. There will be a day where these spaces are cleaned, but it will not be a day when anything else is cleaned. They are separate entities and must be treated as such.

So indulge in cleaning. It is actually a great way to soothe yourself, learn how to have some limits and to know what you want from your family and from your time.

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