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House Cleaning Schedule

Hey, we all hate to clean our homes. But really it can be quite therapeutic and relaxing. The key to having a really clean house (a clean behind the ears kind of house) is to keep the cleaning regular. This way the dirt and grime is never allowed to get a foothold.

Why Else Should I Clean?
Regularly scrubbing down your home also ensures that you will remember to clean the parts of your home that are often out of view. You may not realize it but a dirty home can affect the way you feel everyday.

The following is a cleaning schedule that will keep you and your family feeling sanitary and civilized everyday of the year.

The Basics

  • Straightening up - 2 times every week
  • Garbage - 2 times every week
  • Dusting - once every other week
  • Dusting out of reach spots - once a month
  • Spot-cleaning walls etc. - once every other week
  • Washing walls - once every year
  • Vacuuming - 2-3 times every month
  • Carpet spots - once every week
  • Shampooing carpets - 1-3 times every year
  • Dusting blinds - quarterly
  • Washing blinds - once every year

Cleaning the Bathroom

  • Sinks - every day
  • Mirrors - once every week
  • Toilet - once every week
  • Wipe shower - 2 times every week
  • Clean shower - once every week

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Sink - once every week
  • Sweep floors - once every week
  • Mop floors - once every week
  • Wax floors - once a month
  • Clean stove/oven - as needed
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