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Even though it is the first thing people see, the outside of our homes often gets neglected. As long as there are no visible problems we assume that the exterior is fine. This is a wrong assumption, however, as weather, pollution and other factors take a toll on everyone's' homes. How do you keep the exterior of your home looking as good as the interior? The best way to maintain the outside of your home is by annual or semi-annual washing. Now, you can use a garden hose and soap and water, but that will take you forever. You could rent a pressure washer and do-it-yourself, or you could hire one of the many pressure washing companies available. Exterior house cleaning prices vary depending on several factors. Here are some of those factors, and what you should expect from a pressure washing job.

Exterior house cleaning prices; factors contributing to cost

There are several factors considered when figuring exterior house cleaning prices. The biggest factor, of course, is the size of the home; the bigger the home, the higher the price. Another factor is the material your home is made of. Brick homes usually cost less than sided homes. One other thing companies consider in pricing is the condition of the exterior of home. If the paint is chipping or peeling, or if the siding is damaged in any way, special care will be required, and therefore, will cost more. Most pressure washing companies charge anywhere from $125 for a home under 2000 square feet, to over $400 for larger homes.

What is included in exterior house cleaning prices?

Exterior cleaning prices vary depending on the services provided. Besides the actual pressure washing of your home, some companies may offer small repair services such as patching holes or other small problems. Of course, if the damage is caused by the company themselves, they should repair it free of charge. An important question to ask any company you are considering is what other additional services are offered, and how much those services will cost. You don't want to get your bill and find additional charges that were not discussed.