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House Cleaning Tips: Organizing Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung and so has the feeling inside your head that it's time to make a change. Winter has that interesting, but quite understandable habit of keeping you indoors in search of comfort.

This comfort, however nice it is, tends to leave a residual film of dust, dirt and items that, while at the time seemed indispensable, are now quite dispensable. So, what you need now, is some spring cleaning.

Don't fear the spring cleaning however, it can be as fun as it is effective, if you do it properly. Here are some tips that can help make your spring cleaning the most effective cleaning of the year.

Perfect Timing
Designate one weekend for the task. This is crucial, as you do not want to stretch the process out over a couple of weeks. Spring cleaning is like pulling off a band-aid. It is far less painful if you do it in one clean sweep (pun intended).

You cannot spring clean on your own. Well you can but it will take you forever, and by the end you will resent everyone else in your family as you find their odds and ends in the least likely places. You MUST get your whole family to help you out. After all, they know where all of their junk is and if they want to trash it or not.

Besides arranging one weekend to get it all done, the most effective way to make sure that everyone participates is to offer incentives. This may be the lure of a pizza party, or even a trip to the movie theatre. Your family will definitly be far more receptive if there is a delicious and entertaining light at the end of the tunnel.

Making Some Money
Spring cleaning can also be profitable. All you have to do is throw a garage sale. In some states you'll need a license for this, so make sure to check. Otherwise you can turn your junk into cold hard cash. Not only can you make some money, but it is also a great way to meet your neighbors. People always seem to come out of the woodwork for a garage sale. Additionally, you can use the proceeds to fund your incentive.

Blue Skies and Storm Clouds
Whether you have nice weather or not can make a big difference in your spring cleaning. Try for a nice weekend so you can easily clean the garage, open all the windows and transport stuff to the out of doors. It also helps to have your garage sale on a sunny day.

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