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Steam Cleaning Carpets

The most popular and effective way to clean your carpet is to use steam cleaning. It provides a number of very useful benefits and ensures that your carpets are kept in good condition. Most carpet manufactures recommend the use of steam cleaners as a part of the cleaning services that customers should consider when they invest in a carpet. Steam cleaning is so far the best method that extracts soil – especially oily soil – from deep carpet surfaces. It is also the best method that can effectively remove other contaminants.

Many people with allergies suffer from invisible particles that hide in carpet fibers, such as animal dander or dust mites. Although steam cleaning doesn’t remove bacteria, it is pretty close to being the most sanitary carpet cleaning product out there. Research shows that up to 99% of foreign contaminants are removed when you use a steam cleaning machine.

The hot water extraction is a combination of very high water pressure for agitation process followed by hot water to increase reaction time. Not all steam cleaning machines use chemical solutions to clean carpets. However, if cleaning solutions are applied, the carpet cleaning task is faster and more effective.

Getting the Dirt
Steam cleaning machines are equipped with vacuum units that further extract dirt that has been stirred by pressures. A hot water extractor uses a push-pull stroke to make the cleaning more thorough. When the first thrust is directed toward the carpet pile, the area is immediately extracted by the suction cup. The forward stroke of the cup removes any excess moisture along with any remaining soil and dirt. If the carpet is really dirty, the back and forth motion is repeated until the area is cleaned.

The drying time is relatively fast. Some machines promise less than a few hours or so drying time. However, if faster drying is required, the rubbing procedures can be applied without depressing the water injection button. This will still remove excessive moisture and soil.

Cleaning Guidelines
Before starting steam vapor cleaning or dry steam cleaning your carpet, the following procedures have to be completed:

1. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. This will ensure that the steam cleaning of the carpet will be more effective.

2. Apply preconditioner to your carpet. If you’re hiring steam cleaning professionals, make sure they apply preconditioner to your carpet before beginning to steam it. Preconditioning helps to loosen up the fibers, which in turns makes steam cleaning more effective. The steam cleaning professionals may also have a professional vacuum cleaner that will work on pre-cleaning better than what you have access to.

3. Steam cleaning can be used on most types of carpets. It uses the largest amount of cleaning solutions if necessary and the highest temperature that helps to effectively remove any soil.

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