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Steam Cleaning Concrete

Many people use steam cleaning when they are making major house renovations or if they're hoping to sell their house. It does increase the price if the upholstery, floors and concrete surfaces are clean.

Steam cleaning concrete is difficult and almost always requires the use of professional services. Consult steam cleaning sources that are available on line. Depending on the area that you need to have steam cleaned, you may have to employ the usage of industrial steam cleaning equipment or a high-powered vapor steam cleaning machine.

Getting to the Hard Stuff
Concrete surfaces may differ in color and aging and there may be some film of form-release agents in certain areas which deforms the look of the surface. Other common problems are mortar stains from leaky forms or rust stains.

The appearance of concrete areas is important. But remember to do all of your cleaning after construction is finished. This way, you can make sure there won't be any more discoloration or damage from further construction procedures.

How It's Done
There are three major techniques used for cleaning concrete:

  • Chemical
  • Mechanical (through abrasion or stripping top surface)
  • Water steam cleaning.

Water steam cleaning concrete is the best of all three methods for dirt removal and rinse. For example, chemical cleaners have to be mixed with water first, then directed against dirt to create a chemical reaction that will separate the dirt from the surface. Finally, both chemicals with water and dirt get cleared off with water.

Keep it in Mind
There are some things to remember when you decide to clean concrete with a steam cleaning machine:

1. Steam cleaning professionals advise that you test whatever method you find suitable, first, to make sure it will work for that particular spot. For instance, there's no reason to use mechanical methods if there's nothing wrong with the concrete's color or if there aren’t any stains.

2. Steam cleaning methods that include moderate-to-high pressure water blasting techniques and low pressure washes and steam are quite simple yet effective methods. Despite the fact that they are simple, these types of cleaning methods have to be carried out by skilled steam cleaning professionals who have access to special steam cleaning equipment.

3. According to specialists, water-cleaning steam cleaning methods are least harmful to concrete surfaces. However, there's a possibility of damage if the concrete surface undergoes a temperature change while it's wet.

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