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Steam Cleaning Tile

Steam cleaning is a great and simple way to clean tiles and other surfaces such as counters or carpets. It’s true, steam cleaning machines can clean any surface – even the most inaccessible ones – that get dirty and need attention.

Full Steam Ahead
All steam cleaning machines work by blasting the dirt out of places using a high water pressure. Contrary to the name, there’s no steam involved. Rather, tiny water particles hit the surface with a continuous air steam. There’s only about 5 to 6% water present during steam cleaning.

With steam cleaning tile machines, some customers are worried that it may damage their tiles, even crack them. Despite the fact that the water pressure is quite high, it is impossible to crack the protective surface of a tile. So use steam cleaning on your hard surfaces with no worries!

Why You Should Use It
Many people use steam cleaning when they are getting their house ready to be sold (it ups the price if the floors and upholstery are clean). Steam cleaning tile procedures make sure that dirt and oil is removed from even as unsuspecting an area as the cracks and molding around your tiles.

Also, there’s no need to use any cleaning solutions to steam clean your tiles. The hot water and pressure are enough to reach and disinfect any tile area. As long as the water that you’re using when steam cleaning your tiles is hot and clean to start with, then you should be able to do the job just fine.

Shower Tiles
Steam cleaning machines are fantastic at removing soap scum, film and grout. For example, if a direct steam is used for grout and then wiped with a towel, the whole area should be cleaned quickly without any wet mess. Once the steam cleaning is used, you should be able to wipe dirt off the surfaces. Some people who have used steam vapor cleaning machines use them to remove caulking as well as paint from the tiles.

Tile Floors and Tile Walls
Steam cleaning machines are able to remove all of the dirt. The only thing they’re unable to get rid of is color. For example, some white tiles may go yellow with age or from dirt damage. Steam cleaning machines should be able to help the tiles get as close as possible to their original color. However, a direct steam is needed for this type of cleaning. Sometimes, if a tile is small, this could be a relatively time-consuming process.

Remember to use low steam pressure especially if your tiles are painted – you don’t want to damage your paint. Sometimes steam cleaning your floor – as opposed to steam-cleaning shower tile – may require more than one session, but it’s worth your while. The steam cleaned area is almost always sparkly clean afterwards!

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