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Room Air Conditioners

Ah, the loveable old window unit air conditioner really brings back memories...of being at your grandparents' tile-roofed house in Sarasota and sweating all summer long.

But not all homes have central air and the window unit has great demands placed on it, without much gratitude in return. If you want better cooling and a longer shelf-life (okay, enough with the puns), treat your room air conditioner with a little respect.

Cleaning Your Air Conditioner's Filter
Every two weeks of heavy use, clean the unit's filter. Just remove the front panel to gain access. Some filters are meant to be replaced. Some are part of the unit and will have some sort of plastic frame or other indication that they are not meant to be discarded. If possible, wash with mild soap and water and replace when dry. If the filter is not meant to be washed, vacuum it thoroughly.

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Check For Obstructions
Once a month, go outside and check the unit's intake vents for dirt and obstruction and clean if necessary. Check, too, the condenser coil and clean it out with a garden hose if needed.

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Check The Condensate Drain
Beneath the condenser coil is a tiny drain that drips water called the condensate drain. Make sure the drain is open and draining properly. If the drain is open but not clearing excess moisture, make sure the cooling unit is angled in the window so that water will run from the drain.

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