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Duct Cleaning Supplies

One of the most growing problems of our times is indoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution refers to poor air quality within indoor environments that are caused by contamination of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems. Forced air systems consist of such parts as: supply and return air ducts and registers; grilles and diffusers; heat exchangers heating and cooling coils; condensate drain pans or drip pans; fan motor and fan housing; and the air handling unit housing.

How malfunctions in these forced air systems translate into indoor air pollution is a simple path to follow. What occurs is that a contaminated forced air system will compile particles of dust, pollen, and other forms of debris. If these are not cleaned, the presence of moisture caused by this debris will increase the potential for microbiological growth. Eventually, this microbiological growth will be released into the air through these forced air systems.

Consequently, duct cleaning is a growing industry in a time where respiratory problem worry is increasing. Although you may feel that you have covered all of your bases by going to a duct cleaning services, you should still concern yourself with what duct cleaning supplies you or outside contractors use when cleaning your air ducts.

Important duct cleaning supplies that should be used include sanitizers. Sanitizers are applied to the interior surface of air ducts and consist of anti-microbial chemicals that are designed to control microbial contamination. These sanitizers are only used after the forced air system is thoroughly cleaned.

Also important is the type of air duct cleaning equipment is being used. Whether your air duct vacuum collection device is one that is mounted on trucks and trailers or is its own portable unit, it is important that they are equipped with the proper duct cleaning supplies. These include that it consists of brushes, air whips, skipper balls, filters, and other supplies that are designed to ensure that the duct cleaning equipment will safely clean your air ducts while containing the microbiological substances out of the air.