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Home Improvement: Indoor Air Quality And Duct Cleaning

Air pollution is an important issue that affects every human on earth. The air that we breathe is designed to keep us alive but due to environmental factors can create a number of health problems. Over the last couple of decades, the issue of environmental air quality has become a major one and there have been steps taken to improve this problem. However, there is now another air quality issue that has grown in importance: indoor air quality (or IAQ).


What are You Breathing?
Indoor air quality testing studies have shown that the air indoors actually contains more irritants than the air quality outside. This is a troublesome fact as most individuals spend the majority of their time in airtight homes. The problem of indoor air pollution can be traced directly to contaminated heating and/or cooling system components of forced air systems.

A contaminated forced air system consists of the presence of pollen, particles of dust, and other types of debris. The danger of this debris is that over time it will lead to the presence of moisture, which increases the potential for microbiological growth within the forced air system. This microbiological growth is then released into the air through these forced air systems.

What are the Rates?
Due to the growing concern over air pollution, the indoor air quality service industry has been booming recently. However, you should exercise caution when deliberating over what duct cleaning services you choose. Avoid flashy advertising and rates that seem too good to be true, because usually it is.

For the most part, air duct cleaning services range in cost from $450 to $1,000 per heating and cooling system. However, the price of duct cleaning services will factor in the services that you want, the size of the system that needs to be cleaned, the accessibility of the system, the climatic region, and the level of contamination.

By using duct cleaning services, you will be able to breathe easier knowing that the all the components of your forced air system will be cleaned thus improving the air quality within your home or work environment.

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