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Home Improvement: All About Duct Cleaning

Here is a brief guide that should get you started on a long quest to know everything there is to know about duct cleaning.

What the Cleaner Should Do

  • They should gain access to every duct in your home, no exceptions.
  • They should visibly demonstrate to you that all ducts are clean. Do not take their word for it.


  • They will clean the heat exchanger.

Cooling Components

  • Clean both sides of the cooling coil.
  • Straighten the cooling fins.
  • Clean the film off of the cooling coil.
  • Clean the coil drain pan completely.


  • Straighten and clean the blower blades of all dust debris and oil.


  • Remove all debris from plenums.
  • Replace any filters that are broken or do not fit properly.

Metal Ducts

  • They will clean to a shine the metal walls of the duct system.


  • Replace any fiberglass that is torn or worn down. It should also be well-stuck to the wall of the ducts. They will have the adhesives to make it stick properly.

Air Vents

  • They will reattach all registers. Grilles and diffusers are firmly attached to the walls, floors and ceilings. And are they clean.
  • A proper cleaning will help reduce the air pollution in your home while improving your indoor air quality.

Access Doors

  • New access doors should be attached with more than just duct tape.
  • When they system is running, they should ensure that there is absolutely no leakage.
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