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Robotic Air Duct Cleaning

Short of breath at home or at work? Before you blame the smokers who crowd the entrance to your office building, consider checking the status of your air ducts. If not cleaned properly and regularly, air ducts can play host to a whole herd of types of debris and bacteria. If released into the air, these duct-invading substances can evoke allergic reactions and breathing difficulties in anyone who suffers prolonged exposure to them.

People realized this around the mid-1980s and began employing robotic videotaping techniques to show clients where in the air ducts the buildup was occurring, and why the air duct systems needed to be cleaned. Robotic videotaping also showed clients the successful results of their cleaning once the air duct cleaning had taken place.

In recent years, the air duct cleaning industry has discovered another use for robotic equipment: doing the actual air duct cleaning. Nowadays, robotic systems can do the air duct cleaning themselves. Robotic air duct cleaning methods guarantee pretty uniform particle removal and 100% access to the ventilation systems. The use of robotics helps to reduce the labor involved in the cleaning of air ducts. This, of course, means that air duct cleaning is cheaper than it used to be. To clean your air ducts, robotics use direct contact brushing, employing a set of motorized brushes designed to operate within your ductwork's dimensions. Through the use of a variety of special brush machines, or perhaps a robot carrying several brushes, robotic air duct cleaning allows all sides of the air duct to be cleaned simultaneously on all sides in one single session. The robot equipment minimizes the need for extra duct access, allowing for access through existing joints or ports. Robots can also videotape the ductwork to prove that the duct is in better, cleaner condition.