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5 most popular tile backsplash ideas

Solid tile backsplash ideas consider the kitchen space arrangement as well as the tastes of the designer. A winning scheme requires more than just finding the right color--it considers proper texture and depth, as well. Here are five tile backsplash ideas that have proven themselves to be as sensible as they are decorative.

1. Ceramic tile kitchen backsplash. A fave of the French-style kitchen, ceramic tile gives you unlimited creative options. Look for accent tiles from the same color family and punctuate with a framed image in the center of the design. Designer tiles can be purchased from high-end dealers.

2. Glass tiles backsplash. For a soft, translucent effect, a backsplash of glass tiles creates a subtle arrangement. Use larger glass tiles to create a border and then accent with smaller, more expensive glass pieces. Using multiple colors can create designs that stand alone or accompany existing kitchen schemes.

3. Countertop material backsplash. For an economical design that uses existing color and material themes, consider creating a backsplash using common countertop materials. Think an imitation marble or granite base broken up by clear plastic blocks.

4. Metallic tile backsplash. Perfect for mosaic designs, metallic tiles infuse a look of sophistication in an otherwise drab kitchen. Use metallic tiles of varying sizes to create a dynamically arbitrary feel. Clashing metallic tones can actually exist harmoniously in the proper amounts.

5. Backpainted glass backsplash. Use this option to achieve a delightfully complicated look. Choose a primary or complementary color that already exists in your kitchen for a professionally applied glass transfer. Use multiple colors to accent softer tones in your kitchen.

Tile backsplash ideas are only limited by your imagination and your budget. You can borrow from these five ideas or create your own. Fortunately, there are sharp-looking tile backsplash ideas to fit every price point. So design away!