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Brighten Kitchen Design With Color

by Allison E. Beatty
Repair-Home Columnist

Color can dramatically change your kitchen design and the way you view your space. Here are some easy ways to add color to this important part of your house.

First, glance around the room and find three areas where color could transform your kitchen design. The backsplash area above the countertop is one key place, as it covers a wide area. By adding bold paint or tile, you can transform the space in a few days.

Among the popular colors are blues, green and yellows. A backsplash with bright blue, lime green, or orangey yellow tones is sure to attract attention.

Painting is a fairly easy home improvement project you can tackle yourself. Tile installation requires more skill but is a doable project for a seasoned rehabber. Otherwise, a contractor or handyman can complete this type of home improvement project.

A colorful kitchen countertop also can make a big splash. There are many laminate countertops made with yellow, pink, green, and even purple designs. Solid surface countertops can be ordered with a colorful stripe that outlines the sink area.

Otherwise, a contractor can carry your colorful wall tile image onto the countertop. A blue and yellow theme is one option. Just ask the contractor about using coordinating colors to avoid having too much of the same tile on the walls and countertop.

Kitchen appliances also are sold in specialty colors, such as red and blue. A red dishwasher can make a bold statement without disrupting your cabinets or countertop. A contractor can install a dishwasher in an hour or so. For a more economical change, however, try a red toaster or mixer that you display on the countertop.

Decorative fabrics also can boost a neutral kitchen design. Sheer curtain with a light blue tone will add a subtle dose of color while still allowing light to filter through. Aside from buying new window treatments, you can find colorful fabric to cover an open cabinet shelf. Just add a tension rod across the opening and slip on the curtain.

There are many ways to use color to add spice to your kitchen design. Experiment with a few variations to see how color can enhance your kitchen design.

About the Author
Allison E. Beatty is an avid old house enthusiast who has been renovating houses and writing about them for more than 10 years. She contributes regularly to national newspaper, magazines and web sites.