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Country Kitchen Designs

So you want a kitchen that would make Aunt Eunice squirm in her knickers and scream, "Yee-Haw!" Well, if you’re one of the thousands who have been inspired by the cracker-barrel, down-on-the-farm country kitchen design, you’ll be happy to know your options are as long as Jethro’s tow-rope.

For starters, furniture and accessories are your biggest assets. You’ll want your cabinets and counters to be wood (oak or cedar) for a more authentic atmosphere. Look around for antique-style furniture like china cabinets – even old wagons can be used as a storage table!

Window Treatments
One of the defining characteristics of a cute country kitchen design is plant life and window dressing. Choose plants and flowers that match your furniture and add a little spice to the atmosphere of your entire home. Dasies and posies are perfect for the country kitchen, either close to the windows or as a centerpiece to your kitchen table. Hanging pots holding baby willows or longer vines are a welcome touch. Choose window dressing like miniature flowered curtains in red, yellow or blue and white colors.

Country Kitchen Tables
Country kitchen tables are traditionally round or oval with matching wooden chairs. Put seat cushions that match your window dressings for added style and comfort. Have fun and be creative when choosing your furniture. Just make sure they match your modern appliances.

Be on the hunt for unique items that will give your country kitchen some character. Old model cars that hold candles, old aluminum serving trays, a wooden clock - even a mug collection – can all be found easily and at a low price at garage sales. You might find a lot of junk that looks great, but remember not to clutter your kitchen with trinkets. You want a homey feeling, not a homeless feeling.

Country Kitchen Floor
Another part of your country kitchen you shouldn’t overlook is the part you stand on – the floor! If you can, use hardwood floor paneling for a rustic look. If you enter the house through the kitchen, a welcome mat is a timeless classic to greet guests. Also, a nice area rug adds some protection to your hardwood floors if you place the area rug underneath the kitchen table.

Whatever your plans, be sure to stay creative without overdoing your idea. Use your kitchen space to your advantage and don’t sacrifice aesthetics for function. Before you know it, you will have a country kitchen that will make Aunt Eunice want to bake a pie! Have fun!