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European Kitchen Design Ideas

European civilization has been around for a long time. Far longer than America anyway. This extra time has given them years of practice in the art of cooking. All of these years perfecting food have also led to a lucky by-product. Europeans have also perfect the art of kitchens–the canvases for their culinary masterpieces.

If you would like to be the master artist of food in your home, you can do as the Roman's did. Remodel your kitchen with the age-old traditions of European kitchen design. It's really not that hard, and with a few adjustments you will feel like you are mama: making food 'just like mama used to make'. Now who wouldn't want praise like that?

Follow these tips and you'll be headed in the right direction:

European Kitchen Design Because of scarcity in the old world, Europeans bring three things to their kitchen design.

  1. Innovative design.
  2. Unusual materials.
  3. Innovative technology.

European passion for life is often expressed in their food. For example, Belgians eat, breathe and think food. You can accomplish the same by focusing your design on functionality and ergonomics (the study of how people move in their environment. European kitchens often look like the perfect blend between neat and chaos.

This is often achieved using distinct and different materials. Stainless steel and marble are the prefect representation of old and new. The marble harkens back to the good old days of yesteryore: namely the roman imperial tradition. The stainless steel resonates a look towards the future and all the technology has to offer.

Storage in European Kitchen Designs
Storage is also a critical component of European kitchen design. Hey, Europe is a small place and Europeans often need to use every inch of space they have available. You will need highly functional cabinet space in one concentrated area. The utensils should be placed as close to appliances they will be complimenting. Counter kitchen sliders are a European space saving invention. Even if you do not really need them, they are great to play with and you'd be surprised at how easy they are to use. Community is also at the heart of the European cooking experience. The cook is never isolated and often the whole family hangs out in the kitchen and helps in meal preparation. Kitchen islands are great for this.