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Gourmet Kitchen Design

If you cook gourmet food, you know just how different it is than busting out a frying pan and cooking up some eggs. You need the proper environment. A true gourmet kitchen requires more space, more utensils, more appliances and more control.

Naturally you will want the food to look as good as the space you cook it in, cause let's face it...a true gourmet meal takes a long time to prepare, and if you are going to spend that much time in ant room you are going to want it to look nice.

Trifles and Truffles
Here is a list of some of the more luxurious amenities you should incorporate into your gourmet kitchen design.

Gourmet Kitchen Design
  • Monogram Professional series front control 6-burner gas cook top
  • Profile series double ovens
  • Profile series built-in microwave oven
  • Profile series 5-cycle dishwasher
  • A refrigerator area plumbed for automatic icemaker
  • Gourmet kitchen design with island and spacious pantry
  • Brushed chrome Delta Victorian faucet with pullout spray
  • Double basin cast iron sink
  • Recessed down lighting with under cabinet fluorescent task lighting

With these simple tools and decorations you will feel like you are the star chef in a European restaurant. Creating a true gourmet meal would be near impossible without them. If you can't afford these items try considering going to second hand stores.

While you wouldn't think it, restaurants turn over, go out of business and sell their equipment fairly regularly. So don't be shy, do a little digging and you are sure to come up with some great bargains. That is if you are not too proud to shop for second hand items.