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Green Kitchens Are In Style Again

Remember when Avocado appliances were the latest thing, or perhaps you are too young to remember, but there was a time when stylish kitchens had to have green appliances. Well, green kitchens are in style once again, but this time it is not the color green, but rather the "green" of being environmentally responsible when remodeling your kitchen.

Small Kitchen Designs Can Still Go Green

You might have a new design for your kitchen that involves doing a total remodel, or you might be making a small update, but whatever the size of the project, it can be done with "green" in mind. Consider the following suggestions while doing your kitchen remodeling.


  • When purchasing new appliances make sure they are Energy Star rated


  • Instead of purchasing new cabinets consider painting or refacing your existing cabinets
  • If you are unhappy with your existing cabinet layout, implement a design for new kitchen cabinets made with reclaimed wood
  • Think about adding a base cabinet with a trash container reserved for recycling


  • Look at Vetrazzo countertops that are primarily constructed of recycled glass bottles
  • ECO countertops have a composition that is 75 percent recycled materials


  • Consider a linoleum floor made from natural materials
  • Take a look at reclaimed wood flooring which is made from old wood beams and columns

Ceiling Fans and Lights

  • Add some ceiling fans to better circulate warm and cool air through the kitchen
  • Think about having lighting controlled by different switches so that all lighting isn't on unless needed

These are just a few suggestions, there are many other ways you can design your kitchen in a "green" fashion. Consult a kitchen design center or a kitchen remodeling contractor to get more ideas on going "green" in your kitchen remodeling project.

Small Kitchen Designs are Easy to Transform

There are times when small kitchen designs are an advantage, and kitchen remodeling is one of those times. Small kitchen designs require less labor and materials to orchestrate a complete transformation of the kitchen. You may be able to switch to new Energy Star appliances, paint or reface your cabinets, install a new linoleum floor, and new countertops for a fraction of the costs of remodeling a large kitchen. The end result might be a new cozy area for baking and cooking, with the knowledge that you were environmentally responsible.

Green: One Step at a Time

Even if you are simply replacing your appliances or installing a new floor in your kitchen, and don't plan on any large scale remodeling until sometime in the future, you can still go "green" each step of the way. Each step that you take is a step in the right direction.