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Choosing the right appliances is one of the most crucial aspects of any kitchen design. You must never lose sight of the fact that function must come before form. You may find a gorgeous cooktop, but is it going to give you everything you need?

Here is a guide to help you out.

Homeowners have a few options when it comes to the stovetop. First, there are gas burners. Preferred by many home chefs, these burners heat up, cook food and cool off faster than other types of burners. Plus, because you can see the lovely blue flame, it is easier to adjust the heat to what you are cooking.

Kitchen Appliances Of course, not everyone enjoys cooking with an open flame, especially when there are little kids in the house. This is why many homes go for the more standard electric-coil element. These burners do not produce a flame or any fumes. However, they do take longer to heat up and cool off than gas burners.

One problem both of these stovetops have, though, is the exposed burner, which make it harder to clean-up spills. To combat this problem, there are various cooktops that extend their surface to go around and enclose the burner. So when you spill, there is no need to take your stove top apart; just wait until the surface is cool and then wipe it clean.

Garbage Disposal Units
There are generally two types of garbage disposers: the continuous feed model and the batch feed model. A continuous feed garbage disposal lets you do just that, pour a continuous stream of waste into the unit. These types of garbage disposers are usually operated through a switch on the wall. Batch feed models, on the other hand, can only deal with a certain amount of waste at a time, which varies from model to model. These units are controlled through the drain lid and are more expensive than continuous feed garbage disposal units.

The power and capability of your garbage disposal will depend on its motor size, which can range from 1/3 horsepower to 1 horsepower. Because some people tend to overestimate their garbage disposal's abilities, most units come with an overload protector which will automatically shut the motor off if it gets jammed. However, more sophisticated models will have an anti-jamming device, such as automatically reversing blades.

If you've ever been in a home when someone is using the garbage disposer, you know how noisy these devices can be. Before you buy yourself a garbage disposal unit, compare the amount of noise insulation the various models in your price range have. The more insulation, the quieter it will be when you use it. Another thing to consider before you buy is where you're going to install the disposal unit. Garbage disposers are not a one-size-fits-all kind of appliance, so you will need to buy one that is suited to your sink.

The most common type of oven found in most homes is the conventional oven, which works with either gas or electricity. These ovens use two heating elements: one on the bottom for baking and roasting with another element located at the top for broiling. Because it is not uncommon for food to be unevenly cooked when only one element is used, most ovens will use both elements when you use the oven for baking.

Not surpisingly, one of the most sought after features for ovens is one that is self-cleaning. If only all appliances could clean themselves!

The type of refrigerator found in most homes is the top-freezer model. These types of fridges usually have a maximum capacity of 25 cubic feet. Kitchen Appliances However, the popularity of these fridges is slowly being usurped by other refrigerator models.

For awhile, side-by-side refrigerators, which have up to a 30 cubic feet capacity, were the must have appliance. However, the bottom-freezer models are becoming the model du jour in modern homes. Because the freezer is on the bottom, all areas of the refrigerator are more accessible. Like the top-freezer model, these fridges also have up to a 25 cubic feet capacity.

When trying to decide on what type of fridge to buy, don't just buy the prettiest one. Consider how much space you have in your kitchen, how much food your fridge needs to accomodate on a regular basis as well as how many people there are in your household.

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