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Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Like your cabinets and most other things in your kitchen, the backsplash can be both functional and beautiful. Functional in so much as it protects the walls of your kitchen from flying spaghetti sauce and errant blobs of grease.

It can also be beautiful as it can be crafted from any number of easy to clean materials such as ceramic tiles and stainless steel. Ultimately, it will accent your kitchen and allow you one more design option.

When creating your backsplash consider these materials: Kitchen Backsplash

  • Ceramic or porcelain tiles
  • Natural stone tiles
  • Glass tiles
  • Stainless steel panels
  • Durable wallpaper

When you choose a backsplash, make sure that it blends with the fixtures in your kitchen, not your appliances. Appliances will change over time, and with different owners. The fixtures are replaced far less often. You should also consider the lighting in your kitchen, as this will reflect the surface of your backsplash, thus drawing attention to it.

You should also consider the fact that your backsplash is going to get dirty. Therefore, if you are thinking about solid light colors they will show the grime much more and require cleaning. So, think about elaborate patterns such as fruit and plants. The random specs of food will at least blend in for a little while.

stainless steel kitchen backsplash Think about what you want your kitchen to feel like as well as look like. If you want your kitchen to look like grandma's house, think about stone and ceramic tiles. This will give an old world rustic look. If you fancy yourself a gourmet kitchen chef, then the stainless steel kitchen backsplash will give that New York bistro feel.

Typically a backsplash tile will be 4X4" but obviously it is completely up to you. You can use some smaller tiles as a boarder if you'd like.

As far as cost goes, this depends on what material you use and what kind of pattern you choose. Tiles can range in price from anywhere in the range of $1 to $25. A stainless steel backsplash will probably set you back $100.