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Kitchen Gadgets And Utensils - Kitchen Collection

We live in truly amazing times, don't we? Since around the 1950's scientists and innovators have been bending their minds to come up with easier ways to do just about everything in the kitchen. Hey, it seems about time anyway that they came up with some useful kitchen gadgets. They put a man on the moon after all. Electric Jar Opener

Electric Jar Opener
Whether you are a senior citizen, you suffer from arthritis or you are just a fey dandy hipster, the electric jar opener is a great idea. No matter who we are, we have struggled with jar lids. This handy device adjusts to fit any size jar and with very little effort you can gain access to any delicious food trapped within a stubborn jar.

The Four Way Opener
This little kitchen gadget is perfect for camping, Barbequing or even just in the kitchen itself. The small lightweight tool provides the opening power of four devices. It can:

  • Bottle caps (beer bottles)
  • Twist-top caps (soda bottles)
  • Jar lids (with a part that allows you to pop the lid to relieve the pressure)
  • Pop-tops (soda cans, cat food, etc)

The only problem is, if you lose it, you'll probably starve to death.

Cordless Can Openers
This handy device looks just like a regular manual can-opener, only it harnesses the power of mechanized electricity to open just about any can. This is a great gift for anyone who is a senior citizen, arthritic weak or lazy. You won't waste another minute or another layer of flesh around your knuckle with this handy machine.

Pizza Paddle Pizza Paddle
No, this is not a device to discipline pizza that has misbehaved. It is a device to make people awesome! It's smooth design and sleek shape makes it the perfect serving tool for any good old fashioned pizza cook-off Just like mama used to make. Ciao!

Cutlery Briefcase
If you are anything like me you hate eating off of cutlery that other people have put their mouths on, I'm sure that you wish you could transport a full compliment of kitchen utensils wherever you go. The cutlery briefcase, with its stainless steel exterior and monogrammed handle is the sophisticated and stylish alternative to the cumbersome duffle bag full o' forks. Let your spoons, knives, whisks and spatulas travel in style with the cutlery briefcase.