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Kitchen Island Design Ideas

No matter what size kitchen you have, an island can make your cooking life, so much easier. In Europe, cooking is often as communal an experience as eating. You will find that once your island has been installed there will more of your family offering to help cook. This means more time with your loved ones…and faster cooking.

Here is a list of eight factors you should take into account when building your kitchen island. If your kitchen is a massive lumbering space you can make it more cozy and comfy with a kitchen island. There’ll be no more need to repeatedly go from one space to another looking for things. They can all be stored handily in your kitchen island in the extra storage space.

If you have a smaller kitchen (most of us do), the island can give you that added countertop space and storage space to make cooking so much easier. You can install a cutting board, a range, and a rack to hang pots, pans and cutlery. You can even add another stainless steel sink for washing vegetables.

A kitchen island can also be a gathering place for your family. Not every night is one for the dining room. The kitchen island can provide you with another, more casual space, for your family to get together.

Many kitchen islands can be put on wheels and moved around the room. This will give you the extra mobility that you need if company comes over, or you are moving your appliances.

The island will catch everyone’s attention, this may detract from a pile of dirty dishes, or other kitchen eyesores

If your kitchen is an open concept kitchen, you can use the island to create a separate space. This is also good if you do a lot of entertaining and you would like to create separate environments.

A kitchen island can also create flow in your kitchen. Just set up the dishes on the counter and have your entire clan circulate around picking up what they would like. It will prevent that thanksgiving mosh pit that almost always forms during the holiday season.

If you like to watch TV while you cook, you can place the TV on the island so you will be able to see it from different vantage points.