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Five Ideas For New Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Give your cooking area an update by replacing kitchen lighting fixtures. There are many styles and designs to choose from. Choose from recessed lighting, track, wall or cabinet mounted lighting.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas That Work

  1. Consider track lighting. Track lighting comes either as a straight track or a 90-degree turn track. These types of kitchen lighting fixtures are ideal because of the ability to spotlight different areas of the kitchen. Various bulbs are available for a narrow-focus, wide-focus or a simple general-purpose bulb. Use a narrow-focus bulb to highlight your kitchen décor or use a wide-focus bulb to focus on the walls.
  2. Add island lighting. Consider adding island lighting if you have an island. Custom kitchen islands often boast attractive lighting. Choose from a 2 to 4 light kitchen lighting fixtures. The new fixture will hang down to provide focus on your island. Many styles are available to choose from, ranging from the modern bronze finish to the classic nickel pendant shaped fixture.
  3. Add under-cabinet lighting. Use new lighting under upper cabinets to focus on tasks you are performing on the counter. Having the proper kitchen lighting fixtures when preparing food is important. Use this type of lighting in addition to another method of lighting for the remainder of the kitchen.
  4. Consider recessed lighting. When shopping for recessed lighting, decide whether you want task lighting or accent lighting. Distinguishing between the two is an important factor when choosing your kitchen lighting fixtures. Task lighting is used for cooking, over your sink, or where food is prepared. Accent lighting is where the light would focus on wall hangings or kitchen décor. Read the box when choosing a light fixture to determine which type of lighting is being provided. This type of new lighting may require the assistance of a drywall contractor. However, if you possess the right tools and knowledge it can be completed.
  5. Choose a ceiling mounted light fixture. Select from glass with nickel, bronze or brass trim. Globe, dome, and mushroom shapes are typically available for selection. Alternatively, choose a three-light ceiling fixture that holds three separate bulbs and that is moveable. This allows focus on multiple areas of the kitchen rather than only one.

With these simple ideas choosing kitchen lighting fixtures is easy. You do need proper knowledge of shutting off power and wiring electrical fixtures. Contact a local electrical contractor if you are not experienced in these areas.