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Kitchen Lighting And Electrical - Ambient Accent Lighting

Have you ever been into a Wal-Mart? Of course you have, really, with the exception of Paris Hilton, we all have. Then you probably know that the lighting in a Wal-Mart is just about as gross as you can find. Now, think of eating dinner every night in a Wal-Mart. Pretty unappealing, eh?

This may seem drastic, but it illustrates a point. Lighting can have a massive effect on your mood and your appetite. That's why, when determining your kitchen lighting, you should consider the following options to make the dinning experience a good as possible.

Ambient Lighting
Recessed canisters are one of the newest and most popular ways to create ambient lighting. If you have enough of them they will provide even light distribution throughout your kitchen. It is also a great idea to use a dimmer switch to create different moods. Ceiling-mounted fixtures also work well for many of the same reasons as recessed canister lighting. However, you must use them judiciously to prevent that static Wal-Mart feeling. They could create some serious glare problems, thus negating the ambience.

Task Lighting
In many ways, task lighting is the specific privilege of the modern kitchen lighting scheme. You can arrange them in any location that you think you will need clear bright light. This includes:

  • Stove
  • Countertops
  • Kitchen islands
  • Desks
  • Sinks

Try and use halogen lamps, as they provide the most precise lighting. Arranged properly, they can be used without disturbing the rest of your kitchen lighting design.

Pendant fixtures are also a great option. You must make sure that you do not create ugly shadows at your workstation.

Accent Lighting
This lighting is used to compliment the other lighting in your kitchen lighting design. It must not be overwhelming. The size of the light should be used only to highlight the fixture that it is focused on. For instance, you would never use the accent lighting to cut vegetables under. But, if you have an ornate cutting board, it is a great way to show it off when it is not being used.