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Kitchen Remodelling Ideas And Décor

Sick and tired of your nasty little kitchen? Do you want to get rid of that ridiculous Civil War wallpaper that was there when you moved in and you haven't bothered to tear down? Well take your culinary destiny into your own hands and remodel your kitchen.

The following is a step-by-step guide to making what is old, new again, and what is bold, your new beginning.

This is by far the most fun part of remodeling your kitchen. If you decide to do this yourself, it can be a cathartic experience. Smash that wall that always got in your way. Rip up that floor that you have mopped a thousand times and pull out that sink that was always just too small. Doing this yourself can also have you a lot of money.

Once this phase is done you'll be able to see just how much potential your kitchen holds. This is bound to trigger you imagination and set the wheels in motion for a bold new kitchen design.

The preparation phase can also be done by the homeowner to save money. Putting up drywall, laying down a new floor and rebuilding any walls that were torn down, are all projects that can be prepared before you start adding intricate design and adding fixtures.

Be sure that if you are doing this phase yourself you enlist the help of a licensed electrician or plumber to set up the 'guts' of your kitchen. You don't want to hurt yourself, or even make mistakes that could haunt your kitchen for years to come.

This is also a very fulfilling phase of the kitchen remodeling process. Seeing your new fridge, dishwasher and cabinets is bound to prompt the caterpillars in your stomach to cocoon themselves in expectation before emerging as full-grown butterflies. Generally the delivery person will help you install them, but again you can save money by doing this yourself.

Finish all the small details last. Minor trim and decoration and stuff like that. Install the microwave and the ceiling fan. Roll in your kitchen island. Bring in the TV and your cookbooks. Then cook something!