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Unless you are guilty of the sin of 'Sloth', then you should invest a little bit of time before you remodel, on kitchen remodeling plans. This is a big undertaking and as we all know, the kitchen (like the bathroom) is one of your houses essential rooms.

While many steps in the kitchen remodeling plan may seem obvious there are a couple that may surprise you.

Get a Building Permit
Your contractor will usually take care of this for you. But, if you are doing the work yourself the responsibility is yours. They are very easy to get, but you could get into big trouble if you neglect this phase. Do it well in advance. Some municipalities can process you claim in a day, other make you wait a month. Also, post the permit where all can easily see it.

Rent a Trash Bin
Again, if you have a contractor, he or she will probably take care of this for you. If you are doing it yourself you must be careful to account for time and space. A dumpster can arrive in a matter of minutes, or it could take days. The real drag is that you cannot start your kitchen remodeling until it arrives, unless that is you don't mind storing trash in your garage. Also, be sure to compact all trash. It will save you money (dumpster disposal charges by cubic meters, not weight) and it will save the environment. Hooray for earth!

Get Yourself an Outdoor Toilet
Why get a toilet you say, we already have one. Well the workers who are working on your new kitchen will need to relieve themselves over the course of the day, and you don't want their muddy boots all over you house. If you refuse them access to you bathroom they might just start peeing on your lawn... or worse! Also, provide a trashcan for cigarette butts and coffee cups.

Auxiliary Kitchen
As your kitchen is being torn apart you are going to need a place to cook some food. You will get sick of eating at Hardee's after about a day and half. This can be a barebones deal. Make sure you have a microwave and a hotplate. A fridge is also an essential element. You will get sick of eating out of cans. A cold beer and some fresh fruit will not only taste great, but they will also improve your mood during this trying time in your life.

Clean Out The Garage
You and the workers will need a place to but large stuff that cannot be installed until completion. A clean garage can make this a hassle free venture for all. And really, is what we really want is a hassle free venture?