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Kitchen Table

The kitchen table is a very important aspect of your home. It's more than just a place to gather around and eat on. It is a multifaceted focal point for your entire home. Does this sound ridiculous? Well, read further and you'll see just how crucial this piece of furniture is, and how you can pick one, or improve on the one you already have, to realize the maximum potential of your home.

Having Company?
For most of us, space and time are of maximum importance. So unless you live in a house with a kitchen that is the size of a basketball court you are going to need to economize a little.

A good suggestion is to get a standard four-person kitchen table with two extra table leafs. When company comes over you will have the option of expanding the size of your kitchen table without having to deal with the extra size, when it is just your family.

Make sure that the leafs are internal to the table. While this is not as traditional, it can be a real pain to store and remove table leafs that are not integrated into the table itself. Most new tables have this option, but don't assume that all do.

Kitchen Table or Dining Table?
Before you set out to get a table for your kitchen you should consider whether you will be eating as family, or whether your kitchen table is simply a weigh station for books, bags and the occasional midnight snack.

If you do not think that you will be eating on it very much, it is a good idea to get a smaller table that is maybe a little higher than a dinning room table. It will be easier on your back to chop vegetables on a high table, plus people getting home from work or school will ultimately just toss their stuff on there, so a small stable means there is less space for clutter.

Durability Your kitchen table is bound to suffer more wear and tear than a dinning room table. Knives will be used on it, cutting boards and any number of appliances. Not to mention all of the stuff that your family is going to dump on it while they are cooking meals. You should make sure that you buy a table made out of sturdy wood like cherry or oak. You can also purchase wood stain that will provide added durability.

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