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Kitchen Tile And Design Scheme - Ceramic And Porcelain Tiles

Adding kitchen tile to your over all kitchen design scheme is an excellent way to accent the craftsmanship of your countertops and cabinets. You have a plethora of options when choosing the appropriate tile. Just make sure that you make your decision keeping all of these variables in mind.

Purpose of the Tile
The function of your tile should determine what kind of kitchen tiles you choose. For instance a kitchen backsplash tile should have some sort of colored patter or design. This will ensure that all the flecks of food that end up on it will blend in and not look all gross.

If your kitchen tile is for the countertop, you should consider the fact that you will be rolling and cutting on it. Therefore you'll need flat tiles that won't crack or warp. Also a heavy design on your countertop could be too much to look at while doing your kitchen chores.

You have two basic options here. Ceramic tiles, which are cost-effective and very easy to work with, or porcelain tiles which look and feel like heaven. If you think your tiles will be banged around a lot I would suggest ceramic. They will break easier, but ultimately they are cheaper and easier to replace. Porcelain can be very expensive to replace.

No matter what type of tile you choose, the benefits of working with kitchen tiles are the same. Because they are made from materials that came from the earth and cooked under high temperatures they themselves conduct heat extremely well. This makes them a great option for countertops. You can place hot pots on the counter and it will not burn.

Kitchen tiles are also water resistant, which is great for any kitchen counter; with all the splashing and spilling that will surely take place.

Generally kitchen tile are a good choice, there are only a few concerns you should address before purchasing them. You will need to use grout to hold them in place. Grout will often stain if not cleaned regularly. This could leave your kitchen looking gross. Also, because they chip and crack, you will find yourself replacing them more often than a wooden or Formica countertop.

Tiles are essentially clay. Therefore you can get them in any design or color you choose. This isn't often the case with other materials.