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How To Plan A Kitchen Design Layout: Modern Kitchen Design Tips

Today's contemporary kitchen design layout considers space, function and aesthetics. But be aware--achieving a truly modern kitchen design takes planning. If the goal of your kitchen redesign project is to bring the space into the modern era, here's are some jumping-off points to consider.

Kitchen Design Layout Strategies

If you're a newbie designer or a seasoned veteran, you can learn a great deal from the professionals. You don't have to follow them precisely, but they can serve as a guide. Award-winning designer and Pure Contemporary Magazine writer Tineke Triggs reveals her BUFF strategy for modern kitchen design.

  • Budget. It's tough to give up the look and features you want to fit a predetermined budget. But the simple truth is that setting and sticking to a budget is a good idea to keep from letting the project price get out of hand.
  • Usage. The elements of modern kitchen design depend on the way you use the space. Consider who does the cooking, the formality of meals and the other activities you do in the room. Plan the renovation based on these practices.
  • Function. This element is more about comfort than aesthetics. The way your kitchen functions includes your choice of appliances and how they're arranged, as well as such aspects as flooring and lighting.
  • Features. This feature, on the other hand, is purely aesthetic. You can easily spend the bulk of your budget in this area, but features are important nonetheless. Think backsplash, hardware and other dressings.

Modern Kitchen Design Dos and Don'ts

There are a handful of guidelines to remember as you execute your kitchen renovation plan. HGTV.com offers these dos and don'ts when preparing your kitchen design layout strategy.

  • DO know what your spending comfort level is before you begin making decisions. Again, create a sensible budget and stick to it to prevent sticker shock when the project is complete
  • DO be honest with yourself about your goals. Being unrealistic at the beginning could lead to a letdown when the project is complete
  • DON'T do-it-yourself if the project is complex. You should always bring in an artisan for precision or detailed jobs that require particular expertise
  • DON'T buy materials you know you won't maintain. In other words, if you can't care for that white limestone counter, don't have it installed

Follow this advice and increase the chances of success with your modern kitchen design project from the very beginning.